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The past few months have been quite an exciting adventure for me in software development. I experienced new technologies at different levels of the tech stack. Application Development In application development, I learned Go. Although really fascinating, I struggled a bit with the tooling provided (gopls is still at version 0.5.2 as of right now). […]


These past three months have been an extremely amazing ride. Let me share my story of how I was able to participate in a national government project. Three months (and nearly a thousand commits later) I find myself in a community of spectacularly talented and good people, a fantastically passionate community of Filipinos (hat tip […]

Entropy (Information Theory)

Initially written as a Tweet, but to-be-expounded on this blog post. When the data source produces a low-probability value (i.e., when a low-probability event occurs), the event carries more “information” than when the data source produces a high-probability value. Wiki on Entropy. Information Theory by Claude Shannon. In the context of relationships This translates to […]

Cordova Build Failure

The other day while I was hacking away on this Ionic-Angular project for work. I was building my android project: But I encountered the following unusual error at the end of the build: … BUILD SUCCESSFUL in 9s 45 actionable tasks: 5 executed, 40 up-to-date Command finished with error code 0: /Users/darrenkarlsapalo/git/work/easy-cash/platforms/android/gradlew cdvBuildDebug,-b,/Users/darrenkarlsapalo/git/work/easy-cash/platforms/android/build.gradle Built the […]