Author: darrensapalo


Over the course of a few years of programming, I’ve noticed myself jump from one activity to another: making things work, to making things pretty. After building a variety of applications in the software industry, I realized there’s a way to prioritize those activities. Here, I list them down: At first, I initially thought that […]


These past three months have been an extremely amazing ride. Let me share my story of how I was able to participate in a national government project. Three months (and nearly a thousand commits later) I find myself in a community of spectacularly talented and good people, a fantastically passionate community of Filipinos (hat tip […]

Entropy (Information Theory)

Initially written as a Tweet, but to-be-expounded on this blog post. When the data source produces a low-probability value (i.e., when a low-probability event occurs), the event carries more “information” than when the data source produces a high-probability value. Wiki on Entropy. Information Theory by Claude Shannon. In the context of relationships This translates to […]

The Mountain

The mental model of the mountain assists in understanding complexity of processes. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Lao Tzu Visualize a mountain. How do people climb mountains? There are a lot of preparations, and a lot of things you must be capable of doing before attempting such a feat. […]