Hi there.

I’m Darren. I listen to people figuring out their dreams, imagine realistic tech solutions, and bring them to life. Other times, I write about them.

This blog contains my journey or log as a software developer, having tidbits of information about my personal projects, my learning throughout weeks, and things that I have been busy with.

  • On curiosity and discovery
    In this blog post, I talk about my experience exploring GitHub and RxGo, and a walkthrough to my learning perspective driven from a position of curiosity. This blog post is intended for curious developers who might want to contribute to open source but are hesitant or intimidated by other skilled developers. Hopefully by the end… Read More »On curiosity and discovery
  • Numeracy and Scale
    I think that story telling is an excellent way to introduce mathematical concepts applied in real life scenarios. I think that it is an effective way to draw people’s attention (kids and adults alike!) and to help people move from concrete ideas (stories) to abstract ideas (theories, formulas). Ultimately, I think mathematics is a super… Read More »Numeracy and Scale
  • Exploring machine learning
    I have a friend of mine who began his exploration of machine learning in Python a few months back. Excited to help him out and curious as to where he is in his familiarity in statistics and algorithms (See mental model: the Forest), we hopped on a call and discussed a few things. As we… Read More »Exploring machine learning
  • Microservices
    The past few months have been quite an exciting adventure for me in software development. I experienced new technologies at different levels of the tech stack. Application Development In application development, I learned Go. Although really fascinating, I struggled a bit with the tooling provided (gopls is still at version 0.5.2 as of right now).… Read More »Microservices
  • Prioritization
    Over the course of a few years of programming, I’ve noticed myself jump from one activity to another: making things work, to making things pretty. After building a variety of applications in the software industry, I realized there’s a way to prioritize those activities. Here, I list them down: At first, I initially thought that… Read More »Prioritization