Hi there.

I’m Darren. I listen to people figuring out their dreams, imagine realistic tech solutions, and bring them to life. Other times, I write about them.

  • Prioritization
    Over the course of a few years of programming, I’ve noticed myself jump from one activity to another: making things work, to making things pretty. After building a variety of applications in the software industry, I realized there’s a way to prioritize those activities. Here, I list them down: At […]
  • Climbing Celeste
    A few months back, I wrote about one of the mental models I use called The Mountain. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend you check it out first! It sets up the following article as an application of that mental model, while the original article sets up […]
  • Typescript Module aliases and pkg
    Lars W├Ąchter has a great article on how to implement module aliases on Typescript, thus improving your code from looking something like this: Into something that can look like this: Fantastic! However, I encountered an issue when using the zeit/pkg packaging tool, which bundles your node js application into a […]